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Audience: The President of Parliament received at the National Assembly in Benin

Dro Kesse Jean Claude, President of the African Parliament of Civil Society was on Friday June 7, 2019 at the office of the President of the National Assembly where the latter was received in audience by President Louis Vavlonou. Upon leaving the cabinet, the latter spoke to the parliamentary press.

At the head of a delegation of electoral observers, the President of the African Parliament of Civil Society was received in audience this Friday, June 7, 2019 by the President of the National Assembly Louis G. Vlavonou. The head of mission of the African Parliament for the electoral process linked to the 2019 legislative elections went to congratulate the new head of the Beninese Parliament on his election and at the same time transmit to him the report of his mission.

Dro Kesse Jean-Claude is the President of the African Civil Society Parliament. He is also the head of mission of the said organization within the framework of the electoral process having seen the organization of the 2019 legislative elections in Benin. Upon leaving the audience granted to him by the President of the National Assembly of Benin this Friday, June 7, 2019, he declared to the press: “Mr. President of the National Assembly has done us the honor of receive this day. We have come to congratulate the new President of the National Assembly of Benin and appreciate the very strong message he sent to the Beninese people on the day of his election. We also came to give him the report of our observations of the electoral process. We observed the process and not the April 28 vote. We came to tell him that from June 27 to 28, we are holding our press conference in Paris in front of the international and African press to deliver the conclusions of our work here in Benin. These are the reasons why we came this morning to visit the President of the National Assembly of Benin. There is an important message that we sent to Mr. President. We told him that any profound change in the life of a nation encounters challenges. The example that everyone knows is that of France. The arrival of President Macron has raised a lot of hope in France. Beyond this hope, when he wanted to bring reforms to the life of France, you see that for months he has encountered great opposition never before experienced in France. It is not Benin which obviously wants to bring profound reforms to the lives of populations which would not experience any dispute. We therefore understand what is happening here in Benin, we believe that Beninese democracy is doing well and all this is recorded in this final report that we have. This is normal, there is progress, there are reforms to be made, however, we believe that Benin is doing better. The President appreciated our visit. We will meet in the coming days. He felt that he would take the time to leaf through, understand and read our report, and I believe that we understood each other. »

Florent Fidèle Ahotondji

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