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Who are we?

​The African Civil Society Parliament is an organization born from the will of national civil society organizations from 17 African countries meeting on November 20, 2008 in Accra, Ghana.


the organization has been characterized since its creation by its mission to improve the living conditions of the populations of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and to enable sustainable economic development. apolitical, non-profit, it aims to be an inclusive space for capacity building for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) based mainly in Africa. A tool for promoting effective credible participation of CSOs in African development.

The African Civil Society Parliament is part of the social and solidarity economy and operates on the principles of solidarity, equity and social utility.

Today, it plays a crucial role in the self-organization of civil society, outside the political institutional framework. They act as pressure groups to influence government policies in a direction favorable to the interests of the populations. the African Civil Society Parliament has become a force for action in the African institutional landscape.

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Our institution is...


member countries through the presence of member organizations

meeting of the African parliament of civil society in North Africa
members of the African parliament from civil society


member organizations across Africa, Europe and the USA


participation in meetings of the United Nations and international partner organizations

31 %

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member NGOs present at the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Our objective :

The objectives of the African Civil Society Parliament are mainly focused on the fight against poverty, the promotion of democracy and the strengthening of African civil society.


The key objectives of the institution:

  • Strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations to improve solidarity, development, education , peace, social justice, democracy and good governance.

  • Unite African civil society organizations around a strong institution to speak with one voice.

  • Develop a functional parliamentary institution of civil society on the continent.

  • Protect and promote the rights of African civil society.

  1. Defend human rights : the institution works for the protection and promotion of human rights.

  2. Protecting the environment : the institution is dedicated to nature conservation and the fight against climate change.

  3. Promote democracy : the institution supports the development of democratic institutions and encourages civic participation.

  4. Fight against social injustice : the institution is committed to combating poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

  5. Humanitarian aid : the institution, in the event of natural disasters or conflicts, provides vital assistance to affected populations.

  6. Economic and social development : the institution contributes to sustainable development by implementing projects that improve the living conditions of communities.

These objectives aim to create a unified platform for African civil society, enabling better representation and influence in continental and international affairs.

We are not alone

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