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Palestine: the authorities received the support of the African Civil Society Parliament

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars

A delegation from the African parliament of civil society supported by young African students and Anej in Algeria meets the Palestinian authorities.

The African Parliament of Civil Society through its representation in Algeria, the National Association of Exchanges between Youth (ANEJ) organized, Tuesday in Algiers, a sit-in in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle and resistance against Israel .

      On the occasion of African Youth Day celebrated on November 1, the Association approved in Algeria, in its capacity as a consulting member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and occupying one of the vice-presidency positions of the African Parliament of Civil Society, organized, at the headquarters of the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Algiers, a sit-in in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

During this peaceful sit-in which took place in the presence of several African students of different nationalities from the continent, the demonstrators called on the United Nations to act, with responsibility and conscience, in accordance with the United Nations Charter on decolonization, with a view to putting an end to the occupation in Palestine, adding that Israel is flouting all international customs and laws in full view of the international community by engaging in inconceivable practices.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Algiers, Fisent Abu Aita welcomed...

“this noble initiative and the struggle of young people and students reflecting African solidarity and the categorical rejection of colonization in all its forms.”

The ambassador also reaffirmed the right of the Palestinian people and the legitimacy of their resistance with a view to establishing their independent state with Al-Quds as its capital.


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