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Activities of the Executive Committee: The President of the High Audiovisual Authority of Benin receives the President of the African Parliament

Cotonou, 02 Mai. 2019 (ABP) –

The president of the High Audiovisual and Communication Authority (HAAC), Adam Boni Tessi, received in audience this Thursday, at the institution's headquarters in Cotonou, the delegation of the African Parliament which has been staying in Benin for several days , as part of the legislative elections in April 2019. The objective of this visit, according to the head of the said delegation, DRO Kessé Jean-Claude, is to discuss what is being done in the press in Benin. A press which, he says, serves as a model not only for the entire African continent but for the entire world given the professionalism there and the freedom of expression observed there. Acknowledging being halfway through the work for which they arrived in Benin, the head of the delegation declared that their mission is not only to observe the elections, but to follow the entire process that is underway, it that is to say from the stage which starts from the electoral campaign to the election results via the ballot itself. “Raising some concerns and also appreciating what good has been done, given that Benin is a model in terms of democracy”, is the main part of their mission in Benin, declared DRO Kessé Jean-Claude for whom the elections of April 28 took place within the time limit provided for by the constitution and without major incidents that could taint the credibility of the election. During this meeting, the head of the delegation of the international electoral observation mission of the African Parliament congratulated the Beninese people for all the patriotism and good citizenship they demonstrated on April 28 despite some incidents that he describes as of minors. Furthermore, the leader of the African parliament recalled that during the audience granted to them last Tuesday by the Minister of the Interior, Public Security and Religious Affairs, they had to express to him place, a grievance which is to release all the people arrested as part of the legislative elections of April 28, 2019 given that these elections have already passed, anything which will help to reduce the quite palpable tension in the country.

(source: Beninese Press Agency)

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